Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Handi-Foam E84 Class 1 Kit


Sizes Available: 605 bdft. and 205 bdft.
R-Value: Almost R7 per inch
Density: 1.75 lb/ft3 (28 kg/m3)
Flame retardant – ASTM E-84 Class 1 building material
Includes: Hose and Colorwise™ spray nozzles

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Handi-Foam Quick Cure SPF Kit


Sizes Available: 605 bdft., 205 bdft.
R-value: Almost R7 per inch.
Greenguard Certified for Classrooms
Includes:Hose and Colorwise™ spray nozzles

Available Sizes: 205 bdft., 605 bdft.

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Handi Foam Sound Barrier Insulation


.75 Density - The highest available open cell foam kit
STC:35 at 3" thick (Sound Transmission Class Rating)
ASTM E84 Compliant
GREENGUARD Gold Certified
R-value: 4.3 per inch

Available Sizes: 450 bdft., 1350 bdft.

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High Density Spray Foam


Ideally suited for roofing repairs and night seals, attic floors, or any application where foot traffic is expected.

ASTM E84 Class 1
Density: 3.10 lbs/ft3 (50 kg/m3)
R-value: 6.5

Available Sizes: 115 bdft., 340 bdft.

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HandiFoam Channel Fill Pour-In-Place Foam Kit


High Flow Technology infused products such as Channel Fill allow the foam to flow more thoroughly and greater distances even through complex geometries.

R-Value: 7.2 per inch

Available Sizes: 15 Cubic Ft., 44 Cubic Ft.

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Handi-Foam Slow Rise Spray Foam Insulation


Handi-Flow Slow Rise is formulated to slowly rise, fill and insulate large enclosed spaces and blind cavities.

R-Value: 6.8 per inch

Available Sizes: 13 Cubic Ft., 43 Cubic Ft.

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Handi Foam Commercial Vehicle Spray Foam


Handi-Foam Commercial Vehicle is adheres to almost any material and conforms to the surrounding area, making it the ideal solution for commercial vehicle applications.

R-Value: 6.8 per inch.

Available Sizes: 205 bdft., 605 bdft.

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